COVID-19 Readings

These Readings are compiled from articles I have been sent or seen and compilations on various lists that I subscribe to. I hope you find them useful. Stay safe! Iyiola 

Bina Agarwal writes on strategic antibody testing to ease the lockdown in key sectors:

Bina Agarwal writes on COVID-19 and lockdowns: Are women more affected?

Sex, gender and COVID-19: Disaggregated data and health disparities

The impact on women in particular has been highlighted – in terms of immediate risks associated with their roles on the front line of health and social care, secondary impactsttps://

Policy makers must include migrant camps in their national plans

Children in temporary accommodation/ homeless and impact of Covid-19


Low-paid women in UK at ‘high risk of coronavirus exposure 

’Gender, Employment, Inequality: Low-paid women are at high risk of exposure to coronavirus as they are more likely to be in jobs such as social care, nursing and pharmacy, a study has found.


Domestic Violence & Covid 19

Letter in the Lancet with links to parenting and domestic violence resources

Anti-Roma Racism is Spiraling During COVID-19 Pandemic:

Anti-Roma Racism is Spiraling During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Council of Europe has issued guidance to member states contemplating derogation from the European Convention of Human Rights during the coronavirus pandemic: Respecting democracy, rule of law and human rights in the framework of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis: A Toolkit for Member States (SG/Inf(2020)11).


Race, Class and Covid-19 – Not an equal opportunities contagion


Humanity’s Catastrophe: Following Sylvia Wynter in the Age of Coronavirus

“There Wasn’t a Lot of Comforts in Those Days:” African Americans, Public Health, and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic


Legal History Blog

Clare Cushman writes on Epidemics and the Supreme Court over at the website of the Supreme Court Historical Society.


Alex Luscombe and Alexander McClelland have created a fantastic website tracking how Canadian authorities are Policing the Pandemic, complete with database and white paper. 

Twitter threads:

  • A short thread from Nicole Gonzales Van Cleve about how the pandemic-related lockdowns (and not-lockdowns) are affecting courts. 
  • Here’s a long thread discussing the role of disease in penal reform throughout US history. 
  • Here’s a medium thread using examples from the punishment and society literature to illustrate how our thinking about the pandemic trends are hurting our response.