Tony Kelly on how his family helped to build the NHS

‘My family helped to build the NHS’: Tony Kelly’s letter to his mother

Tony Kelly writes:

Some of you might have seen on social  media platforms since 28th March  Gina Yashere, the comedian’s video rightfully expressing her concern about the mainstream media #clap for our careers, where all the mainstream  newspapers had a sea of white NHS staff on their front pages. She said amongst other things  ‘stop the whitewash ‘   and that she is ‘ sick of the contributions of all peoples of colour being erased from History’.

I agree with the African saying  ‘Until the lion learns how  to write, every story will glorify the hunter’ so when Paulette  Samuels  manager of the black British Voice newspaper  asked me   for a story regarding my mother and her two siblings from Jamaica  coming in the early 1950s to train as nurses in the NHS I could not turn down the  opportunity.  Please read and share the article above as that is  the only way this and future generations will know the real facts.