The Times: Race and Coronavirus infection/death rates

    • Widespread fears of disproportionate coronavirus infection rates in Britain’s ethnic minority communities have not yet been confirmed by statistical evidence.
    • When it comes to deaths, however, an analysis of NHS mortality figures has found that black people are dying with Covid-19 in English hospitals at almost twice the rate of white Britons. (note – NHS figures do not include deaths which take place outside hospitals.)
    • Death rates per 100,000 population were 23 for white British, 27 for Asians and 43 for black people.
    • There was a greater variance within smaller ethnic groupings. The death rate per 100,000 population for people of Caribbean heritage is 69. For black Africans, it is 27.
    • A smaller variance in mortality rates is found within the British Asian community, where deaths per 100,000 are: Bangladeshi 20; Pakistani 26; Indian 30.
    • People of Bangladeshi descent are dying at a lower rate than white Britons, but as a proportion of their overall population three people of Caribbean